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Submit Your Business Profile


Want to get the Word Out about Your Business?

Well one way is to submit a press release to this website.  There are several advantages (1) People will find you.  Tell other business people about your business. They will find you when they are looking through this site.  (2) Customers will see your article when they are searching the web.   Let them know what your business has to offer.  For instance, when they want to check your business out, they will search for your business name.  The website with your business profile will pop up in search results. is a new publication.  We are in our build out phase.

What can you put in your Business Profile

Anything you want.  The idea of the site is to help you promote your business.  A reporter will work with your press release to build a Orange County Business Profile that can include:

  • A story about what your business offer and why it’s a great value.
  • A story about you.  How did you get into business?   Why are you in this business?  Is your family involved in the business?   What do you love about your business?   Potential customers will be more likely to buy from you if they know about the owners of the business.  Don’t you feel better about shopping where you know the owners?
  • Interactive Google Map.  Just give us your address and we will add that in so people can find you.
  • Contact information: phone numbers, e-mails, and websites
  • Photos.  Send along photos and they will be put into your business profile
  • Videos.  Make a quick video of you place, and put it on youtube.  It’s free.

How much will it cost to get a business profile up?

It’s Free.  Our salesman will not call to get you to buy more advertising–we don’t have a salesman.

This sounds like advertising, can I put in whatever I want?

Yes.  You are responsible for any claims you make about your business.  Just put it in the form of a story or newspaper article.

What do I have to do to Qualify?

Well, you have to be an ongoing or start-up business in Orange County.

What Can’t I put in my Business Profile?

Well, they cannot be ads for other businesses, or have inappropriate content.  The editor will determine what that is.  If you have to ask, it’s probably inappropriate.

How do I get Started?

Just write up what you would like to have put in the profile.  Be sure to let us know all the facts about your business: Location, What you do, Contact Information, who you are.

Also let us know why your business offers customers good value for their dollar, or what’s special about your business.

Send your write-up along with photos and links videos on youtube to





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